Islamic 'Tolerance' in Pakistan: October 28, 2001

"BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan (Reuters) - Women keened over the bodies of 15 Christians lying in pools of blood in a Pakistani church Sunday after masked gunmen on motorcycles drew up, shot dead a police guard and sprayed the congregation with Kalashnikov fire."

See for the news report.

The following is a survivor's report as of Tuesday, October 30, 2001:

I am **** from Pakistan. I hope you all might have heard the sad news about Christian people being killed by some Muslims while they were worshipping on Sunday morning at 9 AM. The pastor was leading the service at this time in this church. Suddenly some people with covered faces appeared and shot at the congregation and 4 children under 12 and 5 women and 9 men were dead at the spot and many are injured badly; who knows how many more will die there?

I want to let all of you know that we are having regular threats from the Muslim people here. Please pray for the safety of our people, especially my family and myself are in great danger right now. We need your prayers. Please pray for me since myself do not know whether how long I will live here because soon or later we will have more of these attacks on our people and our church. And maybe we will have to flee but we have no place to flee anywhere. This is really hard time for us here in Pakistan now.

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