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Welcome to our web page. Our goal is, in all things, to be devoted to serving Almighty God by seeking and knowing His Holy Truth. We believe that eternity lies ahead of all of us, and that God, who is perfectly Holy and Just, will judge each and every one of us according to His righteous and perfect standard. We will be judged according to our responses to the law and commands of Holy God, as He has revealed in His Word. His Word tells us that there is only one way to salvation -- by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

Thus our goal and desire is to seriously, openly, and objectively seek truth in all things. We hope you enjoy our growing resource library on the comparative study of Islam and Christianity. Your responses and comments are welcome.

Topics on Islam:

Islam United? A Comparison of Shi`ite and Sunni Islam

Sufism: The Mystical Side of Islam

Unorthodox Islam? A Review of the Nation of Islam

Hadith Authenticity: A Survey of Perspectives

Islam and Orthodoxy - Part I - A Critique of Muslim Apologetics

Islam and Orthodoxy - Part II - Comments on Commentators

Islam and Orthodoxy - Part III - Text Unchanged, Texts Unchanging?

Problems in the Quran?

Islam, Terror and Peace

A Christian Response to the Creed of Islam

Beginnings of a Muslim - Christian Discussion

Allah: Just and Merciful?

Radical New Views of Islam and the Origins of the Koran

Topics on Christianity:
The innerrancy of the Bible is often discredited by scholars opposed to Christianity. A number of the following articles present arguments in defense of the innerrancy of the Bible as we have it today. Others address key Christian doctrines, as well as the study of Christianity in the context of major world religions. More articles to be added soon....

Does the Bible say Jesus is God?

Old Testament Sabbath, New Testament Sunday?

Was the New Testament Influenced By Pagan Philosophy?

Was the New Testament Influenced By Pagan Religions?

Are the New Testament Gospels Corrupted? A Critique of the Jesus Seminar

The Case Against Christianity: A Summary Critique

Christianity Compared to Islam and Other Religions

Questions, Comments, and Dialogue:

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Some resources pertaining to our response to Islam are listed below. They include the Bible and Bible resources, and numerous links to other sites which discuss Christianity and Islam, as well as other topics from a variety of perspectives. Your questions, comments, and dialogue about these resources and sites are also welcomed. Thank you for visiting our web page. We wish you God's blessings as you study and think about these things.

The Bible and Bible Resources:

The Holy Bible - in English

The Holy Bible - in Arabic

Simply put, a sermon is an explanation and application of a portion of the Word of God. We encourage you to read through, or listen to, some of the sermons listed under the links below.


More Sermons..

Library of Christian Books, Bible Commentaries, and Study Aids

The Lord's Prayer in Arabic

Links to Other Sites:
The following sites include part of an excellent collection maintained by Jochen Katz. We encourage you to explore his indepth resources on topics pertaining to Christianity and Islam. Other links to sites relating to a Christian perspective on Islam are also featured here:

Answering Islam

"Why I am a Christian.." - testimonies of former Muslims

The Muslim-Christian Debate Website

The following pages and sites document some of the persecution of Christians in the Islamic world. While Islam claims to be a religion of fairness and tolerance in the West, the reality in Islamic nations is often sadly far from that. In many cases the persecution is primarily religious in nature, rather than political.

An Open Letter to Muslims: September, 2001

Bahawalpur, Pakistan: October, 2001

South Sudan: June, 2001

Sana'a, Yemen: July, 2000

Ambon, Indonesia: January, 2000

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: January, 2000

Al Kosheh, Egypt: January, 2000

Voice of the Martyrs (more current situations of persecution)

International Christian Concern (more current situations of persecution)

For resources on Christianity, and the study of various other cultures, religions, and philosophies see:

Archaeology and the Bible

Watchman Fellowship

Institute for Christian Leadership

Southern California Center for Christian Studies

Reformed Internet Ministries

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